Around 8500ha of crop is planted in May and June each year and harvested in November/December. Crop types include canola, wheat, barley, lupins, oats and oaten hay for export to Japan. Around 200ha of pasture seed per year is also sown for sheep grazing.


The property runs a merino wool enterprise of 12,000 breeding ewes plus 10,000 lambs, 9000 weaners (one year old sheep), 8000 wethers (castrated males) and 230 rams.

Seed cleaning

Williams Seed Cleaners, located on the property, cleans on-farm grain throughout the year, as required, and also client's grain in the lead up to seeding in April/May.

The seed cleaning plant has the capacity to bag, store and distribute grain.

Infrastructure & Equipment

10 houses plus quarters for short-term accommodation

4 shearing sheds, 6 permanent sheep yards and 1 set of portable yards

Grain storage for 10,000 tonnes in silos, sheds and an outdoor bunker

Hay storage for 10,000 tonnes in sheds

Large modern workshop and office complex

  • Comprehensive well kept plant;
  • Cropping: 1 x 50ft Deep Banding System (DBS), and 1 x 40ft DBS pulled by Case 485HP STX and 375HP STX.
  • Boomsprays: SP Crop Rogator 100ft
  • Swathers: 2 x New Holland 330HP 36ft
  •  Harvesters: CAT 470HP 36ft and New Holland 40ft 9670
  • Chaser Bins: 30t and 16t
  • Tractors: Case 215 MX, Case 230 MX, John Deere 8520, John Deere 7810
  • Fertiliser Spreaders:  x 2 Marshall
  • Trucks: Volvo FH12, Freightliner
  • Loaders: 2 x  teleporter JCB's, 1 x  Manitou
  • Bulldozer D6 and CAT Road Grader